Facebook Ads in Thailand

Having in mind the popularity of Facebook in Thailand, choosing the right strategy will help your business benefit from the new market with potential customers. Start using Facebook ad management for your business.

Benefits of a Right Facebook Marketing Strategy

Our services include Social Media Marketing, Social Profiling, Social Channel Analysis, Social Competitor Analysis, Social Media Engagement, and Social Advertising Campaigns in Thailand.

Facebook advertising objectives are as follow:

Our goal is to lead Facebook users to other websites, Apps, Facebook events, or Messenger conversations.

According to the Facebook algorithm, actions such as sharing useful content for your targeted audience, the number of contents you share per day, hashtag usage, and raising user interaction will boost engagement.

Your targeted audience is more likely to download your app and get engaged with it.

We will help you to collect leads for your business or brand.

We will show target audience ads that allow them to engage with you on Messenger, WhatsApp, or Instagram directly.

Your Facebook ads appear to clients looking for your business in the neighborhood, whether you have a store or provide a service.

Your ad shows to clients most likely to take action, such as making a purchase or generating conversations and raising word of mouth.

Promote your business and raise brand awareness by showing people relevant video ads.

8 Reasons Why You Need Facebook Ads

Build Brand Awareness

Facebook uses its data about time spent on different ads to let you know who is more likely to watch and recall your ads; this information is useful for an optimized campaign.

Bring More Customers Based on Needs

Facebook helps you gain clients that have spent more time viewing products and services related to your industry.

Custom Call-to-Action Button

Call to action are tools to lead people towards their next step. They direct to the directions that we have in mind. We will ensure users interact with a brand and our advertisement through Custom Call-to-Action Button.

Target your Audiences

Facebook guides you through a super-specific targeting (location, demographics, interests, behaviors, engagement, partner connections).


Retargeting is to use ads to target your previous visitors who used to interact with you. The ads will remind your business and will build brand awareness.

Control Your Daily Budget:

You can set your ads budget on Facebook and control your minimum, and maximum ad spent.​

Detailed Statistical Reports:

Facebook ads learn automatically from your clients. Facebook ad management can improve the efficiency of your ads in the long term.

Increase your Website Traffic (SEO)

An optimized Facebook page with links to your website can raise your website clicks and traffic. And more traffic helps boost your SEO ranking.

The Importance of Facebook Advertising:

Free Consult

We will provide consultation on the Facebook advertisement, your current circumstances, and Facebook Marketing Strategies.


We will analyze your business to plan the best Facebook marketing strategy.

Website Suggestions

Better Web design will lead to improved Facebook ad performance.


Professional graphic designers will create your banners.

Manual Reports​

We will provide reports to help you track your campaign’s performance. Understanding the analytical results will help you choose the right strategy and campaign.​

Always at your service

You can always be in touch with us; we will support you.

Encourage Customer Loyalty