Influencer Marketing Thailand

Another form of Social Media Marketing is Influencer Marketing (KOL Marketing). ArioMarketing, as an Influencer Marketing agency, offers unique and customized Influencer Marketing Campaigns to promote your business. We will choose the right Social Media Influencer for a more effective campaign. 

Why ArioMarketing ?

Influencer Marketing

Top platforms are Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube

Influencer Marketing will bring your Business Sale Increase

Build Brand Awareness

As specialists in Social Media Communications, we will create valuable visual content for brand awareness and engaging your target market.


By allocating the right influencer to your business, we will remind you to your clients and make your brand more genuine, trustworthy and authentic.


More web traffic and links to a website will result in better SEO performance.

Return on Investment

According to the Influencer hub, every $1 spent on Influencers will bring $5.78 ROI back. Influencer Marketing is much more useful than traditional marketing.


We have all the equipment you need for a better visual experience (cameras, lighting, and sound recording equipment).

Footage Edition

Our expert team will edit and optimize your footage in our Bangkok studio.


According to your strategy, we will choose the most effective platform for your target audience (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.)


To raise client engagement, we will create compelling video and visual content. Our goal is to reach a long-lasting effect.



Who is an Influencer?

How Influencers differ?

Number of Followers
Share more information in post
High Quality Post
Unique Mobile Users in Thailand
Active Mobile Social Users in Thailand


We use our data and experience towards creating excellent content, like a dedicated YouTube review or an Instagram story presenting your brand, and will take action on feedback for a better result.


We will take advantage of micro-influencer campaign benefits and convey your tone of voice to different generations (representing a wide variety of target groups) and fans.


We will use our experience to identify worthy social media conversations and trends for your business. Consumer insights help us allocate appropriate influencers for a business. We will carry out your campaigns, using bloggers, YouTubers, celebrities, etc.

Your Business Can Be More Profitable With Influencer Marketing Thailand