Media and Public Relations

After defining your target audience we will design a unique communication plan to satisfy client needs. Satisfied clients will lead to customer loyalty. We will be at your side to build brand awareness in Media and Public Relations.

Our Media and Public Relations services includes, creating a strategy for your public relation activities, press conferences, media briefings, group, and one-on-one interviews, press releases and distribution and photo releases, editorials, advertorials services. Please visit our detailed prices for the press distribution services.

Multi-channel Social Media is an essential tool to reach your target audience in the information age. As social media is dynamic, Ariomarketing Social Media and PR agency is here to help you with the everyday challenges. Our specialty is to raise your brand awareness, customer engagement via the strategies and techniques we implement. We will make sure that your target audience will receive your message through social media. We will manage your posts, pages and social media platforms.

After identifying your target audience, the most effective social media for your target audience will be chosen. Then we will choose the message that you want them to hear about your brand and your social media platform will be designed or updated to express the persona your business is after. We will plan campaigns for more brand awareness and build a community that reflects your brand story.

Whether your business is in Thailand or elsewhere, whether you are looking for Mass Marketing or Niche Marketing we will help you identify your target audience through Market Research. We will try direct marketing for more customer engagement.

At ArioMarketing we will produce content for your company’s brochures, flyers, scripts, speeches, website, social media and other marketing and PR purposes. We will take your strategies and priorities into consideration and will create meaningful contents that are easily understood by your target audience.

We will provide you with logos, brochures and website designs whether you’re new in the business or you want to have a redesign. We will provide your website a unique visual appearance which will be your brand’s identity and shows its values and will make customers recall your brand.

To have a local market and reach local customers in a new market, the target audience should know about you and should understand your message. That’s why your social media should be in their mother tongue. This all shows the need and importance of localization. Ariomarketing agency provides translation from English to Thai and vice versa. We will be glad to provide translations to other languages as well.

You need videos to promote your business as a great number of users tend to search videos on YouTube. Video marketing will increase page traffic and will eventually raise sales.

Our expert team will record videos and create animations related to your brand’s story to raise brand awareness.

ArioMarketing will hold your nation and international events, meetings and conferences from choosing the appropriate venue to selecting the presenters and informing the target audience through different social media channels. Our PR team will organize a successful event including all the details within the approved budget. Our goal is to create media buzz and coverage. We will connect the target audience, with celebrities, influencers, journalists and … for a better result.

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